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Strohbehn Education Scholarship

Scholarship for Post High School Education

The Strohbehn Educational Fund was established by the Bob Lewis and Edie Sanders to honor the memory of Bob’s grandparents who were active at Edwards Congregational United Church of Christ during their lifetimes. Those eligible to receive a scholarship will be:

A member of Edwards Congregational United Church of Christ AND

A student who is or will be attending any accredited two or four year college or university

Applicants for this scholarship are asked to:

  1. Submit official transcripts of all previous academic work.
  2. Submit a written letter of application, which will answer the following
  3. questions:
  4. How have you been involved in the church over your life? What events have shaped your life most profoundly?
  5. What book or books have been most important in your life? What are your educational goals?
  6. Submit a written statement outlining the family’s financial need in general terms.
  7. Submit three written references.

All materials must be submitted to the Pastor by May 15 in order for a student to be considered eligible for a fall scholarship.

Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of an academic year, and will be considered for renewal upon application the next year.

Adult students who are returning to school will be given first priority. Financial need will also be considered.

The Church Council will interview the finalists and make the awards. Any family member of an applicant who is currently serving on the Council will be asked to excuse themselves from the deliberations and the decision-making.

Scholarship funds will be paid directly to the college or university, and can be used only for tuition and fees.