The ways we are giving back, and how you can help us continue the good work.

Here are some ways we build community at Edwards:

  • Back Bay Mission Trip - every year Edwards members travel to Biloxi MS to be of service for 1-2 weeks. We are currently accepting donations inside the church. We need hotel sized toiletries and tape measures. You can call to sign up to attend the trip, and of course, monetary donations are also appreciated.
  • Pride - Pride month is a big deal at Edwards! See us every year at Bass St. Landing.
  • 5/5 UCC Church - . This means we collect money for 5 special offerings of the wider church throughout the year.
  • Showing Up for our Allies - We promote and attend events of several other organizations who have a representative on our Community Impact Team; including Progressive Action for the Common Good, Quad Cities Interfaith, One Human Family, the Sanctuary Coalition, and The Real Mainstream.

Here are some ways we feed the hungry at Edwards:

  • Blessing Box - we have a box of food right at the front door that we keep stocked. It is open for anyone at any time. Take what yoi need, give what you can.
  • Community Kitchen - in collaboration with Churches United we cook and serve a meal every other month at the Zion Lutheran meal site.
  • Food Pantry - Every month we donate food collected from our congregation, and every week we deliver leftover food from Panera to a local food bank.

Here are some ways we care for kids at Edwards:

  • Tutoring Program - during the school year on Mondays and Wednesday from 3 to 5PM we teach children from Eisenhower school. We give them the individual attention they need to meet or exceed grade level standards. We are in need of more adults to serve more children - there is a waiting list. Teaching experience not needed, there are many ways to serve.
  • Blessings in a Backpack - Every Friday we deliver bags of food to children living with food insecurity at Eisenhower school.
  • And More - We also began a yearly carnival after back to school for the children in our community and offer a home to the Hand in Hand organization who cares for children of all ability levels.