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Photo that shows the outside of the Edwards United Church of Christ building - a red brick building with trees, bushes, and a small lawn in front of it.

music & arts

In our Sunday morning worship, we offer the kind of diversity in our music that exemplifies the United Church of Christ. We raise the roof while singing with the organ, yet center into the deep music of silence as we pray. We draw on the music of the ages, while reaching to the music from today. We sing ancient hymns and recent spirituals, traditional folk songs and contemporary choruses, and listen to the music of the spheres. Always we strive to make a joyful noise to God.

Many, many musicians make this music possible. First, members of the congregation sing! And approximately 40 different musicians participate in leading worship musically throughout the year. There is a depth of talent in this congregation that is phenomenal, and we are thankful for the many who share their musical gifts in worship. We intentionally celebrate the talents of all the musicians who wish to participate. That means there are beginners and professionals, side by side, encouraging one another, and giving praise to God through music. We laugh and cajole each other into doing our very best. We welcome you to join us!

The Chancel Choir
The Edwards Chancel Choir offers music weekly in worship throughout the school year. Our repertoire includes classics from the Renaissance through spirituals and gospel music into the sacred choral music of the 20th and 21st centuries. The choir rehearses on Wednesday nights.

Alleluia Ringers,
Alleluia Ringers, the Handbell Choir at Edwards, has a three octave set of Schulmerich bells and a three octave set of Malmark Choirchimes. We are a member of Handbell Musicians of America whose motto is “Uniting People through a Musical Art.” Within the HMA we are members of the Area VIII Conference. The Alleluia Ringers are directed by volunteer Sandy Reinder. We rehearse on Monday nights and play for the Sunday morning services about once a month during the school year.

We are delighted to share our beautiful 12 rank Cassavant Freres pipe organ in worship. The vibrations of this wonderful instrument help us to throw our heads back and praise God with song. Installed in 1998, it is played by our organist Mary Coker, and by several wonderfully accomplished members of our congregation.

The Brass Ensemble provides strong musical support to congregational and choir singing often at Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas and other occasions.

Summer months when the choir rests, youth and adults alike offer Special Music in the morning service. Grandchildren from other communities come and play the anthem, retired choir members return for solos, duets and trios are newly created, the list is endless! One never knows what kind of music will appear on Sunday mornings, bringing a fresh and exciting twist to each service.

Promised Land is a gospel quartet that emerged out of a Special Music offering in the summer of 2002. All are members of the chancel choir.

We have a liturgical dance group that performs many times per year.