Good Enough: Embrace Imperfection So what if we stopped climbing and started fertilizing, watering and growing where we are?


Say hello to the leadership team at Edwards Church

Meet our leadership

Say hello to the leadership team at Edwards Church. Got questions for the team at Edwards? Contact us by clicking here.

Lisa Gaston - Pastor

Lisa Olsen Gaston started as pastor in February 2020 just in time to figure out pastoring in a pandemic! Lisa is married to her husband of 33+ years, Lee. They have three grown children, two grandchildren and a very large dog. Contact her here.

Mary Ostrom - Caregiver Coordinator

Mary Ostrom is a life-long member who came onboard in her new role Fall of 2019. She and Robert are the parents of two sweet kitties. Contact her here.

Tyson Danner - Music Director

Tyson Danner is our director of music - currently walking us through a Strategic Plan and is our Sunday morning tech guy. When Tyson isn't helping us, he is leading the River Music Experience as their CEO. Contact him here.

Mary Coker - Organist

Mary Coker and her husband, Wayne, retired here to Iowa from New Mexico to be near family. Word got out that she is an extraordinary musician and Edwards is the recipient of her gifts. Reach her here.

Cathy Wetzel - Interim Secretary

Cathy Wetzel is also a longtime member who recently took on the interim position in our office. Cathy and her husband Jerry have 4 grown children and

five grandchildren whom she just adores. Contact her here.

Cathy Loughead - Bookkeeper

Cathy Loughead is our bookkeeper, a role she has held for many years.

Her two daughters and three grandchildren bring her such joy.

She is still hanging on to that Cub's win. Contact Cathy here.